5 Ideas for Maintaining Quality Relationships with Tenants

1. Having a pleasant demeanor.

This is still up in the sky, but observable behaviors that tenants are looking for in a good landlord are signs of respect. The tone of your voice or the words you choose to use can significantly alter how a relationship is perceived. When there are disagreements between the landlord and the tenant, it is important to reason through the situation along with the tenant. Instead of harshly replying, “These are the rules and these are the penalties for not following them.” It is better to say, “I’m sorry this rule has inconvenienced you. The reason for the rule is to help fellow tenants with XYZ, or we have otherwise observed problems with ABC without implementing the rule.”

2. Prompt and organized responses to maintenance requests, whether big or small.

3. Knock/phone-call/email message inquire into unit status.

Many landlords take the stance that if they don’t hear about problems that tenants are having; they must not be having any problems. Not every tenant will report problems right away, but they’ll still be mad at you that it’s not fixed! The problem can slowly grow into a big problem.

4. Event organizing to meet and greet the community.

Organizing an event is also an observable behavior of giving to the community that you serve. Familiarity is important to building positive relationships with your tenants. To build upon these interactions, you can organize simple community events with food and music or other activities. This will help to build up that comfort level for tenants to ask you for help and to rely on you. Doing an event on a seasonal basis will help you to ensure that you get a chance to have those rare positive interactions with each of your tenants.

5. Have a phone/email reminder system before rent is due.

Nobody likes penalties and tenants hate late fees. They also aren’t particularly fond of being evicted. What they may not know is that Landlords hate it too. I know what you’re thinking and I agree with you. It is entirely the tenant’s responsibility to pay rent on time. But that doesn’t change the negative feelings they think when they get a fee.



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Joe Killinger

Joe Killinger

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