Beyond the Hustle: How Measuring Productivity Makes You Richer (Not Just Rich)

Joe Killinger
3 min readJun 20, 2024


The story of “hustle culture” is popular. Put in a lot of overtime, pursue never-ending to-do lists, and ultimately wealth will follow, right? Not exactly. The truth is that creating riches requires more than just burning the candle from both ends. It all comes down to taking strategic action, which begins with productivity measurement.

Consider yourself to be an investment. Your greatest resource is time. Similar to tracking your investments, productivity measurement enables you to determine what is and is not performing as well as how to optimize for optimal returns. How to do it is as follows:

1. Expose the Time Thieves:

We’ve all had those tasks that eat up our days but provide very little fruit. By keeping a time log, you can spot these “time thieves.” Are you trapped in a never-ending email cycle? Lost deep in social media voids? By recognizing these time-wasters, you can improve your workflow and free up important time for high-impact tasks.

2. Concentrate on What Really Counts:

Not every assignment is made equally. Some are just busywork, while others actually help you achieve your goals. Productivity measurement aids in differentiating between the two. Then, you may order your priorities based on which chores yield the most return on your time investment, which will help you get closer to your financial objectives and possibly even that dream vacation.

3. Determine Your Zones of Maximum Performance:

Everybody has periods of the day when they are highly focused and energized. Monitoring your output enables you to locate these areas of maximum performance. Plan your most important work at these periods to ensure optimum productivity and advancement. It’s important to work smarter here rather than harder.

4. Celebrate Progress Rather Than Just Achievements:

Progress rather than milestones is what paves the way to wealth. You can monitor your gradual improvements by tracking your productivity. Observing your progress can be immensely inspiring and help you stay committed to your long-term objectives.

And here’s the thing: real wealth is more than just financial gain. It all comes down to having the time and flexibility to enjoy life. You can take back control of your time and use it to follow your hobbies, form deep connections, and lead a satisfying life by tracking your productivity. Money cannot purchase that kind of wealth.

Therefore, give up the hustle mentality and adopt a productive strategy. Keep a time log, recognize your assets, and concentrate on the things that really important. You will create wealth along this route, but you will also create a richer, more satisfying life.

Are you prepared to begin? Here are a few easy pointers:
Select a time-tracking tool: Both paid and free choices are widely available.
Establish reasonable objectives: Prioritize progress over perfection.
Analyze your data: Determine trends and opportunities for development.
Prioritize outcomes over busyness: What matters most is your accomplishments, not how busy you seem.

Remember that working smarter is more important than working harder. Assess your output, realize your full potential, and create a prosperous and contented life.



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