The commercial real estate (CRE) sector is one that rewards experience and teamwork. However, how can you build a team that constantly goes above and beyond expectations in addition to having good performance? The recipe for the ideal CRE team is the place to look!

Ingredient 1: Diverse Skillsets — Blending Experience with Fresh Perspectives

A strong team is a tapestry woven from diverse skillsets. Seek out seasoned veterans who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Combine their wisdom with the dynamic energy and innovative ideas of new talent. This blend ensures a balanced approach, where experience guides strategy and fresh perspectives spark creativity.

Ingredient 2: Continuous Learning — Fostering a Culture of Growth

The environment for CRE is always changing. Ensure that your workforce is engaged in ongoing education to stay ahead of the curve. Promote attendance at online courses, workshops, and industry conferences. Establish a culture where information exchange is valued, where experienced agents may guide less experienced ones, and where everyone can benefit from one another’s triumphs and setbacks.

Ingredient 3: Shared Goals — Aligning Ambition with Company Vision

A group without a common goal is aimless. Clearly state the mission and objectives of your business. Assist your team members in realizing how their unique contributions fit into the overall scheme of things. This makes everyone feel more invested in the group and inspires them to work for success as a whole.

Ingredient 4: Celebrate Success — Recognizing & Rewarding Individual and Team Wins

Honoring accomplishments of all sizes is essential for maintaining team spirit. Individual accomplishments acknowledged in public encourage others and support constructive conduct. Remember the importance of team victory celebrations. Gained together, these successes fortify ties and foster a spirit of unity that invigorates the team.

The Secret Sauce — Strong Leadership

These components are potent, but combining them demands a strong leader. Your team’s secret ingredient is strong leadership. To build the ideal CRE team, you need a leader who can inspire, motivate, and give clear guidance.

Following this recipe, offering competitive commission splits, and creating a friendly, team-oriented atmosphere will help you draw in and keep top talent. Your ideal CRE team will be well-prepared to handle the dynamic market and produce outstanding outcomes for both your business and your clients. Please contact me at if you would want to discuss managing a CRE brokerage team in more detail.



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