Building Your Platform: How to Set Up Work Processes and Systems as a CRE Agent

Joe Killinger
3 min readMay 16, 2024


When you first start out in the industry, the world of commercial real estate (CRE) can seem a little intimidating. Maintaining organization can seem like an uphill battle when it comes to inspecting properties, negotiating transactions, and managing client relationships. The good news is that you can turn your daily routine from a chaotic jumble into a well-oiled machine by establishing defined work routines and protocols.

Benefits of Streamlined Systems:

Increased Productivity: Time is saved and high-impact jobs are prioritized when there are clear processes in place.

Better Client Service: Well-organized processes enable you to reply quickly and provide your clients with outstanding service.

Reduced Stress: You’ll be less confused and stressed out if you know exactly what needs to be done when.

Scalability for Growth: Having scalable systems makes it easier to grow your company and add more customers.

Building Your CRE Workflow Fortress:

1. Define Your Client Journey:

Draw out the various phases of your client engagement, from the first conversation to the completion of the agreement and the after-transaction assistance.

At every stage, list the important tasks and deadlines.

2. Adopt Technology

To handle client data, monitor interactions, and automate processes, spend money on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Make use of online calendars and project management software to plan meetings, establish due dates, and communicate with coworkers and clients.

Examine marketing automation solutions to optimize lead nurturing, social media scheduling, and email campaigns.

3. Standardize Your Processes

Create checklists and templates for routine chores including marketing materials, leasing negotiations, and property assessments.

Establish a follow-up and lead qualifying procedure to make sure you’re giving the most promising chances top priority.

Create a file system so that contracts, papers, and customer data can be easily retrieved.

4. Automate Whenever Possible

Automate time-consuming chores such as posting to social media, sending out reminder emails, and scheduling appointments.

To create standardized proposals and contracts, use document automation systems.

5. Make Use of Collaboration Tools

Share documents, monitor progress, and work on deals with clients and team members by using project management systems.

To save time and money on travel, use video conferencing solutions to hold virtual meetings and consultations.

Remember to start small and scale as necessary. Avoid becoming overburdened by attempting to execute everything at once. Customize your systems to fit your unique requirements and workflow. A one-size-fits-all strategy does not exist. Review and improve your processes on a regular basis. Your systems should change as your business does.

You may significantly improve your organization, productivity, and eventual success as a CRE agent by devoting time and energy to creating clear work processes and systems. Recall that a little preparation can go a long way toward making the CRE maelstrom into a seamless and effective path to reaching your company objectives.



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