I’ve witnessed a paradigm change in the ever-changing world of global commercial real estate (CRE) brokerage that has entirely transformed how the industry operates. In particular, CRE marketing techniques have undergone a substantial transition, as evidenced by an increase in content development, increased branding efforts among CRE agents, and an unanticipated growth in video content output. These trends, which were initially more prominent among mid-sized and smaller organizations before to the epidemic, have acquired even more traction since the outbreak, with larger firms now embracing content development as a critical strategy as well.

The downtime caused by the epidemic encouraged myself and other industry stakeholders to reconsider traditional CRE procedures. During this moment of introspection, we discovered a variety of technologies meant to assist content production for both agents and firms, allowing us to more effectively communicate our value proposition. While the conventional approach of making 150–200 cold calls per day is still important, I’ve witnessed a huge trend toward technology adoption as agents like myself become more aware of the power of focused marketing. Because of the diversification of our marketing techniques, this transformation is yielding greater returns on the time we invest.

I cannot overstate the importance of content creation during this revolutionary period. The capacity to engage with a larger audience of potential clients through well-crafted content, including revealing details about our everyday activities, has become an essential component of current marketing routines. Consider the following example: an Instagram account with 500 to 2,000 followers. A single in-feed post allows them to reach approximately 292 people, an Instagram Story engages approximately 114 viewers, and an Instagram Reel reaches approximately 1,600 people. If you apply these results to networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok (without the dance routines), the potential reach rises into the thousands. I’ve found that combining traditional cold calling with contemporary content creation is an effective recipe for expanding your business.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the next generation of CRE agents who are driving the industry’s technological integration. Experienced agents, like myself, have aggressively embraced these developments, frequently cooperating with younger colleagues to apply cutting-edge technologies. This collaboration of expertise and innovation is required to steer the CRE landscape toward a future that combines traditional knowledge with tech-driven brilliance.

The CRE industry is growing more appealing to the younger generation as it continues to adopt and adapt to these novel techniques. As these new technologies continue to proliferate, they will naturally draw a bigger pool of agents, making it easier for them to adopt these techniques. A common element is the introduction of tools adapted to the industry’s specific demands, which simplify the process of identifying and engaging with the correct audience while also fostering community growth. Historically, the commercial real estate sector was a thriving industry that periodically battled with a lack of innovation. This status quo, however, is experiencing a dramatic upheaval, and those of us in this profession must now choose between sticking to the traditional routines and embracing these innovative prospects. The potential for transformation by venturing into new territory is considerable, with the potential to revive businesses at a rapid pace.

Finally, the current CRE landscape is a canvas for creativity and transformation. The once-stagnant and divided sector is now pulsing with the vivid energy of content production, dynamic branding, and seamless technology integration. This harmonic marriage of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology is at the heart of the industry’s evolution. As the sector’s story evolves, it invites both seasoned professionals and newcomers to try new approaches and embrace emerging ideas. The clarion call to action in this changing period is clear: embrace change and usher in a new era of development, connectedness, and extraordinary opportunity. I’m excited to dig into these transformative forces because I believe the rewards will be enormous and long-lasting.



Joe Killinger

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