If done incorrectly, attempting to generate leads from sources outside of your industry in an attempt to grow your company or earn referral fees may be rather discouraging. For your business, reaching a wider audience and drawing clients from non-traditional sources can be transformative. This is a summary of how to modify your approach to appeal to a larger audience.

Targeting A Broader Market:

  • Some Of Your Marketing Focused On A Broader Geographic Focus: If your services permit, consider growing your web presence to target larger regions or even a national audience if you are only marketing to the zip codes that are directly around you.
  • Customer Persona: Do the demographics of your present audience constitute the primary focus of your marketing materials? Find and describe a more general ideal client profile that might apply to markets other than your own. Find an agent in that area to whom you feel comfortable referring business if you are unable to manage it yourself. Build a rapport with them and earn referral fees. The https://www.creaffiliate.com/ was developed by my firm, www.cbicommercial.com, and we recommend a number of bargains nationwide each year. Members also recommend deals to one another.

Marketing Vision:

  • Local-Centric Messaging: Is your town or city a major theme on your website and marketing copy? Change the way you speak to emphasize the advantages your service provides overall rather than just the local benefits.
  • Reliance Offline: Local advertising may be useful, but it only reaches people in your immediate vicinity. To increase your reach, investigate internet marketing avenues such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media advertising.

Content Constraints:

  • Limited Content: Is the only information about your services available on your website? Produce informative content (blog entries, case studies, infographics, etc.) that positions you as an expert in your industry and draws in more visitors from organic search.
  • Content Particular to a Place: Local information can be useful, but make sure it’s balanced with more general industry trends and insights that appeal to a national audience and inform them of your availability in these other markets.

The Fix: Expanding Your Reach

  • Adopt Digital Marketing: Make use of internet resources such as SEO optimization to make sure your website appears higher in search results for pertinent keywords, particularly those that have a wider audience.
  • Targeted Social Media Ads: Utilize social media advertising channels to target potential clients outside of your local area according to their interests, demographics, and online activity.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Create educational and interesting material to demonstrate your authority and draw in natural search engine traffic. Pay attention to industry trends rather than just local news. Create blog posts with national information to publish on your website.
  • Industry Participation: Take into account going to or taking part in national online communities and industry events. This introduces you to potential customers in new markets and establishes you as a thinking leader.


It takes time and work to reach a wider audience, but this shouldn’t be your primary goal. You may draw in new customers and grow your company by evaluating your present marketing plan and modifying it to reach a wider audience.



Joe Killinger

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