How to Handle Problem Tenants : The Partier

There are many instances of encounters with a horrible tenant, not all of which result in a court action. Once the lease agreement is signed and keys are exchanged, a landlord or property manager can only hope things go smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case when it comes to dealing with unpleasant situations regarding tenants. Here are some issues with tenants some of our clients have experienced, and which you may want to try and avoid.

The Partier

This is a problem tenant that not only causes a headache for management but also for the community and neighbors as well. This person has no regard for others around them, causing concerns typically late at night. Sometimes this is done unintentionally and other times it is a single instance for a special occasion.


Speak with and provide warnings to offender

Set up a time to discuss the infractions with the late night offender. Be clear that this will not be tolerated and that neighbors have been advised to contact the police for noise disturbances should this behavior continue.

Ultimately, as a landlord or property manager, you won’t always know what type of tenants you will be dealing with until you’re in the leasing process. However, comprehensive tenant screening should give you an idea. Past behavior is a likely dictator of future behavior. Remember to always clearly state the expectations and outline the consequences of breaking the rules in the lease agreement. As it is a legally binding document, it can guide and protect most any situation you encounter.

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