If Your Dog Was A Real Estate Investor This Is Where They Would Invest

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Husky- Would invest in retail, probably health-related like a gym as they prefer to be outside running in 3 ft of snow so for you to keep up you will need your workouts.

German Shepard- Definitely a multifamily investor, they would build a fence around the property and patrol 24/7

Labs- Although the obvious choice is a medical building, they would definitely seek investments like Marinas around large and small lakes as they love the water.

Golden Retriever- Would invest in an office so they could be the office dog, everyone in the office petting and rubbing your belly all day seems like a sound investment strategy to me.

Poodles- High-end restaurants are their investment vehicle, someplace you can invite your high-class friend poodle, too.

Pug- Definitely Triple Nets (NNN) fast food as it seems like no one ever feeds one, they are always starved.

Australian Shepard- Sheep ranches or farmland is their investment vehicle, being so hands-on they would most likely help out around the farm/ranch.

Hound Dogs- Campgrounds, trailer parks, and farmland around the Midwest and South that have plenty of shade for them to relax all day under.

French Bull Dog — Happy, loveable, intelligent and ever alert, their preferred investment is a private school such as a pre-school.

Bichon Frize -Retail investments with a focus on hair and nails only

Yorkshire Terrier — Natural developers, would invest in a multi-family lot and create a Tiny Home Community.

Chihuahua — Single Tenant Net Lease properties…. Perhaps a Taco Bell?

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