The Best Ways for Beginning Real Estate Investors to Learn About Investing

Today with the internet and available social media platforms there are many ways you can learn to become a great real estate investor.

Here are some of my favorite places to go for quickly accessible information.

1) YouTube — There are thousands of videos on real estate investing, just don’t waste time with the ones trying to sell you something, invest with them. or try to get you to listen to them speak. Find someone that posts regular content with good value. We do post videos on real estate investing on our channel but there are many to choose from. It’s also good practice to check and see if the person doing the posting has actual investment experience, and what type.

2) Books — This has always been one of my favorites. I prefer real hardcover books not the electronic / kindle or other readers as I love the feeling of having the book. Most books also allow you to go into more detailed explanations and examples of investing that can’t be achieved in your typical video.

3) Podcasts — This is probably the newest medium, but it is growing very quickly. One that I listen to on a regular basis is and Ellie does a nice job of explaining complicated topics easily. There are many others out there though.

4) Blogs — These are always a great way to pick up some great investing tips. We post weekly on our blog at but again there are many to choose from especially on — It’s a platform for writers and many are about real estate investing.

5) LinkedIn — Search for real estate articles on LinkedIn and you will find a treasure trove of to choose from, many written by real estate professionals. You’ll find different perspectives on investing from industry professionals.

6) Medium — This website ( allows writers to publish articles on the topics they have experience with. These include many on real estate investing.

I would like to caution you to not get yourself inundated with information as it can get overwhelming. Chose a few people you like that post regularly, follow them religiously, and learn.

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