Starting the path to a commercial real estate (CRE) sales profession involves more than a polished résumé and a charming smile. Success in such interviews is dependent on a deep understanding of not only the organization you are interviewing with, but also the individual sitting across the table from you. Here’s why getting into the specifics of both is a smart move for any CRE salesperson.

The Company Know-How:

Understanding the complexities of the organization you want to work for is like sailing a ship through unfamiliar waters with a thorough map. Here’s why it’s important:

1. Cultural Alignment:

Knowing the company’s mission and values will serve as a guidepost for culture alignment. Are they innovators or promoters of a collaborative environment? By tailoring what you say to their culture, you boost your chances of becoming a natural fit within the company.

2. Market Awareness:

Successful commercial real estate salespeople are market experts. Investigating the company’s most recent news and updates provides you with a thorough picture of its present position and initiatives. This knowledge demonstrates your dedication and interest.

3. Competitive Edge:

Knowing the local commercial real estate market and your company’s competitors will provide you an advantage. Being knowledgeable of industry trends and issues indicates your dedication to contributing to the success of the organization.

The Interviewer Intel:

Beyond the borders of the company, your success in the interview depends significantly on your ability to connect with the individual across from you. Here’s why knowing your interviewer is important:

1. Tailored Responses:

Investigating your interviewer’s professional background can provide useful information. Knowing their function and experiences enables you to personalize your responses to their viewpoint and priorities.

2. Common Ground:

LinkedIn is a goldmine in this regard. Discovering mutual professional connections or shared experiences can be wonderful conversation starters, establishing an instant relationship.

3. Anticipating Expectations:

You can anticipate the interviewer’s expectations if you know who is interviewing you. This understanding enables you to properly address their problems and emphasize your capabilities.

Strategic Preparation:

Armed with insights about both the company and your interviewer, you can strategically prepare for your CRE sales interview:

1. Crafting Your Narrative:

Make your comments unique by emphasizing how your abilities and experiences complement the company’s mission and values. Give particular examples that are relevant to the interviewer’s background and priorities.

2. Asking Thoughtful Questions:

Ask intelligent questions about the company’s future ambitions, issues, and the interviewer’s personal experiences within the organization to demonstrate your genuine interest.

To summarize, success in a CRE sales interview is about establishing yourself as the missing piece in the company’s puzzle, not only displaying your skills. By researching the company and your interviewer, you not only boost your chances of landing the job, but you also establish the groundwork for a successful and rewarding career in commercial real estate sales.



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