We built this company to protect our investment, we did’t originally realize how it would help our community.

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TheRRDs Incident reporting database was started due to our frustration with some properties we invested in. We acquired a class B multifamily asset in another state and when we received our first rent roll after our first month of ownership we noticed that a few residents that had just moved in had already moved out. This was my first education on what I learned to be a skip (someone that moves in on a move-in special and when the full rent is do they move out to another property that is typically just down the street) and so begins the inception of theRRD Incident Reporting database which by the way now has over 500K incidents reported.

www.theRRD.com incident reporting was built for landlords, property managers, property owners and real estate agents, and is offered FREE of charge or obligation. Our proprietary system allows for the tracking and recording of leasing incidents and violations that occur on the property. With theRRD you can report, search, track and view skips, evictions, criminal activity, non-payment of rent, unauthorized tenants (proxy renters) and damages to property. In fact, the system was built to keep track of almost any type of lease violation, including non-monetary defaults.

Incidents are searchable by first or last name, last 4 digits of SSN, driver’s license number, consulate matricula ID, state ID, license plate and birth date. To ensure correct returns, there must be “hits” across several data points. This is a service that provides real time communication between you and other properties to help keep your property at a higher occupancy with appropriate securitization for tenants that have a past history of defaults.

Since theRRD is a credit reporting agency under Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines, we are required to maintain federally approved procedures for verification of any incidents and we do not tolerate blacklisting of tenants. No dollar amounts are allowed in our database and real estate professionals must have a verifiable permissible purpose and be approved to input and search incidences.

We are Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliant and there is a dispute process for anyone who believes that they have been wrongly input into our system. Our registered members are equipped with an addendum to their lease in their welcome packet that every new resident will sign. This provides them notification that if a tenant violates any terms of their lease they may be added to our system. Click here to begin a dispute process.

This system has helped many properties and communities find higher quality residents!

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